Academic Practice:

Dr. Benyamini has been working as a lecturer of law since 1994. He was a lecturer on commercial law in 1994-1996 in the Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Management, and then a lecturer on banking law (and one year also intellectual property law) in 1995-2006, at the College of Management Law School and the Law School of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia.

Dr. Benyamini is also a regular lecturer for judges, lawyers and law students on topics of intellectual property and banking law, as well as class actions, negotiable instruments and arbitration. Since 2014 Dr. Benyamini is lecturing in a banking law course for graduate students (LL.M degree) at the Faculty of Law at the Tel Aviv University.

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Judicial Practice:

In 1993 Judge (Ret.) Dr. Amiram Benyamini was appointed as a judge of the first instance trial court (Magistrate) in Tel Aviv, dealing with civil as well as criminal cases (mainly economic and securities crimes). In 2000 Judge (Ret.) Benyamini was promoted, being appointed as an acting judge of the Tel Aviv District Court, and subsequently in 1991 as a permanent Jude of this court. He started hearing severe criminal cases for some years, and then moved to his natural position as a civil law judge, dealing with all types of commercial and administrative law, specializing on intellectual property, banking law and class actions. He decided on early retirement at the age of 60, in the end of 2013.

Judge (Ret.) Benyamini is a member of the permanent instructors' staff of the Israeli Institute of Advanced Judicial Studies. He has organized, being in charge of, various seminars for judges on topics including criminal law, banking and intellectual property law, as well as class actions, negotiable instruments and European law (in co-operation with EU). He is still organizing such seminars for judges, after his retirement. Judge (Ret.) Benyamini was also a member of the evaluating staff in courses for lawyers and registrars heading for a judicial appointment.

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Legal Practice as a Lawyer:

Judge (Ret.) Dr. Amiram Benyamini was admitted as a member of the Israeli Bar Association in 1980. He practiced as a lawyer in civil and commercial law in some of the leading law firms in Israel, and then started his Ph.D. studies in London. Coming back to Israel in 1990, Dr. Benyamini practiced as a lawyer in commercial law, and mainly in intellectual property and banking law, until he was appointed a judge in 1993.

Legal Education and Publications:

Judge (Ret.) Dr. Amiram Benyamini took his first and second degree in law (LL.B in 1978 and LL.M in 1984) at the Tel Aviv University, and then Ph.D. in Law in 1990 from London University (London School of Economics and Political Sciences). The subject of his Ph.D. thesis was Patent Infringement in the European Community, which was also the subject of his legal textbook published in Europe (I.I.C. Studies by the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Vol. 13 (VCH, 1993).

Another publication in the field of patents was:
A. Benyamini, Indirect Infringement of Patents in Israel:
Judge-Made Law, Intellectual Property in the New
Millennium, Essays in Honor of William R. Cornish
(Cambridge University Press, 2004), at pp. 109-123.

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